Pregnancy Weeks 1-20 – We’re Halfway There!

I know I’m over half way through pregnancy, but I still can’t believe I AM PREGNANT! It feels like just yesterday I was preparing for my wedding day! I’ve learned so much since then. It has been one of the best but hardest things I’ve endured so far from morning sickness to a couple scares. Let’s get right into the good stuff! I thought I would set it up in question form so you can quickly get any information you want to know!

When did you find out you were pregnant?

I found out I was pregnant at about 3.5 weeks! Early, I know but it was such a sweet moment! I took not one pregnancy test…. but THREE. I just didn’t believe it the first two times! Like what? Me??? Pregnant?!?!?!

pregnancy test results

How did you tell your hubby that you were pregnant?

I found out about a week before my hubby’s birthday and Valentine’s Day. I wanted to surprise him with something special, especially because we were traveling to San Diego those days…. but I only lasted 24 hours and told him the following day! How could I keep something so special to myself for that long?! It just wasn’t possible. I made him a little gift bag with a custom onesie that said “daddy loves me” and a custom mug that said “proud dad”. What’s funny is that he didn’t realize what they meant until he reached into the bag to see the positive pregnancy test I took! I loved his reaction! Definitely check out the video below to see how he responded.

When did you take your first bump photo?

About 4.5 weeks when my hubby and I went to San Diego to celebrate Valentine’s Day! We went to the beach and it was such a beautiful time. Honestly, the baby was sooo small at this point, so I barely had a bump (mostly bloat but who cares). I’m so glad I have this photo to look back on now! It’s my first photo with my little one. We’ve come such a long way since then!


How far along are you now and when are you due?

21 weeks + 2 days // October 20th! I’m guessing that he is going to make his entrance a few days earlier than the 20th, but we shall see!

How was the first trimester?

Rough. Morning Sickness/Nausea quite often. Aversions to most foods. Exhaustion. Anxiety. Pain. Let’s just say the thought of if it was possible to go through another pregnancy after experiencing all this did cross my mind a few many times. Need I say more?

What’s been the scariest thing you’ve experienced?

Somewhere around weeks 14-16, we had two scares happen back to back right after we announced our pregnancy! One week, I started experiencing pain to the point where I just knew something was wrong. I wasn’t sure if I was going into pre-term labor or what! Apparently the pain was caused by fibroids and everything was just fine with our baby! WHEW. The second occurred about a WEEK afterward, so of course, I freaked out. DID THE DOCTORS MISS SOMETHING?! I was bleeding and anytime that happens during a pregnancy, it’s scary! You start fearing the worst and it’s all you can think about. I had an ultrasound done the very next day, and the baby was doing just fine once again! They checked everything to make sure my cervix was still closed and we were good to go! I’m still not sure what the cause of the bleeding was, but I’m glad that everything is okay with the baby! I had to be on bedrest for a few days which was tough but worth it to make sure I didn’t add any extra stress to my body or the baby.

What has been the coolest thing you’ve experienced?

The first time my hubby and I got to hear our baby’s heartbeat was UNREAL. I’m not one to be super out there with my reactions to things, much like my hubby, but I know it filled us both with such a quiet joy and excitement. The feeling of hearing a heartbeat of a living being that you helped create… what a blessing, y’all!

Do you know if it’s a boy or girl yet?

It’s a BOY! We had a our gender reveal a couple weeks ago. It was super chill and fun getting to celebrate this exciting new journey with our friends. My bestie made cake pops that revealed the gender for us, just in case you ever needed an idea for a gender reveal! Anyway, we will publicly share his name soon enough, but we are absolutely in love with our son! We haven’t met him yet, but I know he will be pretty darn cool. He’s got some good genes working for him after all, haha.


Overall, pregnancy is tough – I am growing a human in my body after all. But, I’ve loved it. It’s such a blessing and I am honored to carry my son. I would do it one million times over and a day to be able to hold him in my arms.

Mamas and mamas to be, let’s start a conversation in the comments! If you are a mom of any kind, how was your experience with the first half of your pregnancy? Highs? Lows? If you haven’t experienced it yet, how many kids do you hope to have one day or what has your journey been like so far? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Acamy is a faith and lifestyle blogger based in Las Vegas. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is passionate about empowering and encouraging women in their faith and life, helping them become to person they're meant to be.


  • Tyler Chanel

    Omg what a great post. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey so far with us! Your hubby’s reaction was so fun to watch and that is exciting that you two found out the gender!!! Aww I can’t wait until you share the name of the baby ?

    • cameswithlove

      Yay!! Thanks so much for sharing in my excitement!! It’s been a wild ride so far!
      And I’m glad you enjoyed the video!! Haha, it’s one of my favorites now FOR SURE!
      I’m thinking his name will be worth a whole blog post!

  • Nicole

    This is so sweet and beautifully written. I am a mom to 4 beautiful children. My youngest is 3 now and I’ll never forget the moments that I found out I was pregnant each time, the moments I felt them each move, and the moments I seen each of their faces for the 1st time. You’re so right, we get the blessings of growing little humans in our bodies. They know what it’s like to hear us and hearts from the inside, and nobody else has that privilege. My first pregnancy was a girl (she’s almost 13 now) and I was only sick for the first 3 weeks and then after that my body just ached until she came. I gained sooooo much, in way to much weight with her and I had a lot of work to do afterwards but I didn’t know how to control the food cravings and urges so I ate everything I wanted and I paid the price for that later. She was healthy and came 3 weeks early, but without any complications. The only issue I had through labor was she was face up instead of down so she had major bruising on her face from hitting my pelvic bone and that made it very difficult to get her out. Those bruises healed pretty quickly but I felt bad because I imagined that hurting her pretty badly. But thankfully she didn’t remember a thing. Motherhood is no easy trek in fact it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I had my last 3 boys back to back all under 2 years between each one and right now my husband and I are paying the price- they’re driving us nuts. LOL but it’s good because they’re our legacy and love!

    • cameswithlove

      Thanks so much for sharing about your experience! It was awesome to read. I’ve never thought about the fact that our babies are the only ones who will hear us and our hearts from the inside… that’s so fascinating!
      I can only imagine how tough the journey of motherhood is, but I bet it’s one of the best experiences ever at the same time! I think it’s awesome you had your boys close in age! That’s kind of what my hubby and I want to do so that they hopefully have closer bonds.
      And you’re right – I bet you’re creating an amazing legacy!

  • Lindsey

    OMG! Congratulations to you and your sweet little family! I know you couldn’t be more excited to have a sweet baby boy, thank you for being so candid and sharing this with the world!

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