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PinkBlush Maternity Clothes Review

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All About PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

As I write this, I’m about two and a half months postpartum. I’m wearing my baby as he naps, and life is good. It’s been a bit more difficult to plan ahead for blog posts, but I’m slowly finding my sweet spot during my baby’s long nap each day. Anyway, I wanted to take some time to talk about my new favorite women’s clothing store, PinkBlush. What’s crazy to me is the fact that if you asked me what PinkBlush was half a year ago, my first thought would be something makeup related. It was sometime in June when I was about four months pregnant that I kept seeing people post on Instagram about these cute maternity clothes. At first, I was cautious about the company because they didn’t have any physical locations, and I’m the type that likes to try on my clothes before purchasing them.

The Dresses

Eventually, PinkBlush sent me a beautiful dress to try for free. Ever since then, my heart was won over. The dress fit perfectly and the material was of great quality. I typically just throw all my clothes in the laundry together without reading the care labels (oops?), but I am going to actually follow the directions for this dress. I love it, and I want it to last as long as possible. I love that this dress can be worn even after pregnancy because of the way it’s made! Fancy date night dress, anyone?! If you want to read a bit more of what I thought about this dress, you can check it out in my post: Second Trimester Essentials and Recap.

They sent me a second dress that I ended up wearing for my maternity shoot, which I’ll make a separate post of in the future. I can’t believe I haven’t shared those photos yet! Anyway, I loved this dress, too! It was form-fitting and hugged my baby bump perfectly! I still even had room to grow in it thanks to the stretchy material! I know many women struggle to feel sexy or beautiful while pregnant, but I was feelin’ like a QUEEN in this dress. OK?! I was lookin’ good from every angle!

The Cardigan

Fast forward to today, PinkBlush asked if I’d like to write a blog post to review another item. Um, hello – EASY YES. It’s not because I like free things just as much as the next person, but I value the quality of what they provide! I don’t just recommend any brand that comes my way. I need to genuinely believe in their product and love it myself before recommending it to others. So, y’all KNOW they are the real deal! I love their maternity clothes and women’s clothes!

They ended up sending me this beautiful, mauve cardigan, and it’s so comfy. I’m talkin’ “getting a hug from a teddy bear” comfy. I wore it to church for the first time over a tank top. I felt good about the way the cardigan brought my whole outfit together. The only thing I don’t like about this cardigan is that is kind of gets lint everywhere at first. I had to keep picking small pieces of the knit material off of my clothes. But, that’s definitely not a deal breaker and I’m hoping that after a good wash or two, that issue will be no more! I do love that it’s knit, though! AND THE POCKETS!!! Winner, winner!

The Best Maternity Clothes

Honestly, the quality of the dresses that PinkBlush Maternity sent me were of the best quality I’ve ever worn; I loved the cardigan, too. I know that these will last me a very long time. I love that they have an amazing clearance section on their website as well. I’ve found some good deals on there myself that I couldn’t help but grab! I know it’s hard when you can’t try on the clothing beforehand, but their sizing chart is pretty on point. It’s also helpful to look at their reviews to see how other women describe the fit. Lastly, if anything is ever wrong with your clothes, they are more than happy to make it right as well! That’s amazing in my book!

To recap, here are all three items they sent me to try out. Which one is your favorite look? It’s a hard decision for me… The first dress is so versatile so I can wear it with a bump as well as after pregnancy! It just might be a bit too warm during the summer months because the material is pretty thick. The plum one is classy, but I wouldn’t be able to wear it without a bump because of how the dress is made. The cardigan is better for the colder months, so you probably won’t see me in it in July! With all that said, I think my favorite is the mocha rose off shoulder dress! If I wear that to every fancy event, you’ll know why!

<a rel=
Mocha Rose Off Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress

A rose floral print maxi dress featuring long sleeves a cinched elastic off shoulder n… [More]
Price: $66.00

<a href=
Plum Off Shoulder Wrap Maternity Photoshoot Dress

A solid maternity photoshoot gown featuring an off shoulder elastic neckline with a wra… [More]
Price: $72.00

<a rel=
Mauve Popcorn Knit Cardigan

A popcorn knit cardigan featuring long sleeves an open front with pockets and ribbed a… [More]
Price: $48.00

Enough about me – what are your favorite women’s clothing or maternity clothing stores?

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